I originally created this blog to apply for Weddingbee.com . I am pleased to announce that I AM a Weddingbee blogger now. Come check out my posts there as Miss Hot Wings!

I am a psychology graduate student in Chicago planning my wedding to a fellow psychology graduate student. I am a Sunny So-Cal bred gal who trudged across the country to follow her love of psychology and ended up finding a partner in the process. I am overly passionate about anything I involve myself with. I am an activist, a foodie, a reality TV watching junkie, and over-analyzer, photography whore, and utterly cheesey to the core.

This is a story of what happens when a boy and a girl meet, fall in love over academic dorkiness, and a shared love for life. We (mostly I) am planning our semi-destination wedding in my hometown of San Diego. The perfect reason to prolong my procrastination from the my academic endeavors. Yes, I am pretty obsessed with all things wedding. I am here to proclaim it to all those willing to hear it. Join me my friends in embracing all that can be wedding. As I embrace, I also question, critique, and debate my feminist, progressive stance in wedding planning.  Journey along with me as I join my life with my partner’s, I also find that I’m journeying to find a way to blend my feminist ways with the traditions of marriage and weddings. So come along with me as we share some non-weddingness as well.

Can you find me?


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