Hellooo Bostonians & New Englanders!

He and I have arrived, and we are ready to announce to the hive that we are now residences of the just outside of Boston area.  To familiarize myself with the New England wedding world, I’ve compiled this group of photos to introduce my new home.

Aside from getting totally lost and confused in the darn rotaries and nearly getting into several accidents, I have began to see the love that New Englanders have for this place.  There is an incredible range of styles.  There’s seriously something beautiful almost every corner you turn.  There’s history and old like no other city could claim. 

Starting with the urban side of Boston, you’ve got the old school brick with the grit of the urban city life. 

2-2[1] source



It’s a beautiful city with water surrounding and running through its veins.

ibb-1271901066[1] source

But talk about a city that has a million and one ways to escape the city.  The greenery here is not to be missed.  I simply cannot wait for long weekends up the coast and lobster rolls in Maine.  Check out the beautiful greenery in these photos.  When I first flew over this area, I thought it looked like we were flying over miles upon miles of dense forests.  I seem to have been correct.  Boston and its surrounding areas is home to trees galore.  They are big, tall, and they basically seem to own the region.  It’s stunning!

pink-wedding-bouquet[1] source


29697_401668596910_152812371910_4898507_7445538_n[1] source

Sidenote: The mister and I did some shopping at the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond when the saleswoman joked about our very full “shopping carriage.”  As soon as we entered the parking lot, the mister and I laughed about her use of the word “carriage” instead of “cart.”  Later at the grocery store, we saw a sign in the parking lot for shoppers to return their “carriages”!  Interesting isn’t it?  Regional dialects are fun to discover.

As a Southern Californian girl who spent her 20s in Chicago and is now a great Boston area transplant, what should I know about and do here?


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