So You Want to be a Model: Prop it up!

You want some whimsy in your pictures? Have you been stalking wedding blogs much? Who does that? Gasp.. oh wait. That would be I. Guilty as charged. I find that props really seem to bring whimsy and fun to a photo shoot. They give you something fun to use and the photographer has something besides the two of you to focus on.

Here are some ideas. Try these and let me know what you think.

(1) The Polorald. So all the rage! Better hurry. I hear poloralds are quickly becoming a thing of the past.


(3) The ring. *giggling like a little girl* Yes, an engagement shoot is likely to have an engagement ring, but how about getting a little more whimsical than that? Check out what our photographer Hanssie brought with her to our engagement shoot?


(3) Books! For the dorky academic that FI and I am, we had to have books. Encyclopedias to be exact. But you could also try pictures with books that match your’s and FI’s personality and relationship.


Like this couple did! Super cute!


(4) Balloons. Sooo hot right now! Taking a turn back in time to a place more fun and less worrisome. There’s something about a man who has a child’s heart and can enjoy holding balloons that makes me smile. Oh wait, it could just be this guy’s face. That’s pretty smile-worthy too!


(5) A Reflection piece. Some might call these mirrors, I don’t like to stop your creativity with such boxed in words like mirrors. Think clean bumpers and windows too!


Car mirror PLUS ice cream cones! Double props!


(6) Bubbles. Ah, another ode to childhood. Who could resist? I mean really, look at those colors!


“So you want to be a model” posts on the importance of making triangles, the leg pop, the dip, and looking like you’re in love.

What other props did you use in your pictures?


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