Wedding Location: The City

Many couples simply choose to wed in the city in which they currently live. The decision is a bit more complicated for us. Even though we grew up in different cities and currently live together in a city where neither of our families live, the choice was always pretty clear. The story goes a little something like this…


The boy and I had to pick which city to be wed in upon getting engaged. I was borned and raised in San Diego, California. I went to college in Los Angeles than moved to Chicago, Illinois for graduate school. Chicago is my current home. But he and I are actually on the job market now that we’re both nearing the end of graduate school. So Chicago may not be our home come this summer.


He was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. He went to college in Urbana, Illinois. He then moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue his Masters and returned Chicago, Illinois for his doctorate. We are both here now.

Our parents still live in the cities we grew up in. So we get to choose right? Um no. My Vietnamese parents want to invite their entire community of friends and extended kin. FI’s family is pretty accustomed to flying around the country. Future Sister in Law got married in Arizona, so we would not be the first. Big relief right?

So while it was a quick question in my head, everyone else had already started to assume the wedding would be in San Diego. So it was set. Sunny San Diego indeed would be our wedding city.


I mean really, who is going to say no to a San Diego summer wedding? Sure, it will be expensive for our out of town guests. But so would a Chicago wedding. The wedding itself would be expensive in the peak summer months as well. Again… as it would have been in Chicago. So I’m calling our wedding a semi-destination wedding. A destination for 1/2 the guests and the return to my home town to be wed.

Did you encounter any wedding city decision making woes?



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