Bride’s Women: Asking VIPs to stand

After figuring out the size of the wedding party, we had to formally do the inviting. For FI that meant emails and phone calls. Could it be that simple for me? Of course not!

Ms. Friend of Honor got lunch with FI and I along with a book on how to be a bridesmaid. heehee… just in case she didn’t know. Don’t kill me, I forgot the name of the book already.

Grad school friends got asked in person over dinner one night.

All others received a hand-made card. You see, I had to make it more personal because I couldn’t ask them in person. These ladies spanned the country from California to Colorado to New York.

personal picture

All a little different, and all materials from my craft stash. Sorry if any of my brideswomen are reading, but they were really easy to make. I basically took some left over blank cards I had laying around, some ribbon, sticky scrapbooking letters, and scrapbooking flowers. A little playing around with the placement and double stick tape later, I had myself a card. I was never convinced that the colors really matched, but that was beside the point. I felt like it looked personal and handmade.. my point exactly. So out they went. And all ladies said “yes”!

How did you ask your bride’s people?


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