Winter Break: Lesson learned

I’m baccck! I know I know.. I didn’t exactly announce my leave now did I? Well, I only did that so you wouldn’t miss me so much. ** wink wink**

I kid. I kid.

Actually, the inevitable happened. I planned to blog. I planned to work. I planned to plan my wedding. I planned to take a break. And what happened you ask? I did a little bit of it all, and not nearly what I had planned. And thus goes the reality of life. It gets in the way. Doesn’t it always? So why didn’t I plan for it to get in the way? You just don’t. I guess life wouldn’t be fun if it didn’t catch you off guard on occassion.

And because I am an academic and a perpetual student, I have the need to find meaning and learn from everything. So what have I learned from this folly that I can share with all of you?

(1) Life happens! Roll with it.

(2) You can’t possibly plan for it all. So plan to make space for it life to get in the way.

(3) Don’t plan to do too much. You won’t have time.

(4) When you don’t get it all done, accept it. It’s ok. You’re not alone. Let it go. Move on and learn from it.

(5) Always refer and repeat (1).



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