How the youthful me influences the bridal me

I always wanted to be a ballerina as a child. And if I actually became one that could go on pointe, this is the picture I would want on my wedding day.



Instead, I come from the world of figure skating. I spent nearly 10 years of my life completely devoted to it. And no pointe shoes to show for it.


This move probably won’t look so good in a wedding dress in the summer time will it?


or my favorite on ice move.. the layback spin


So what is a gal to do? How can I use this awesome talent that I once possessed? I’m having a summer wedding, so any type of figure skating is out. Boo! I can’t do these moves to create any fun bridal pictures.

I mean, I could use a musical instrument like in this picture but I really only played the violin for 1 year and the piano for 2. I figure skated for almost 10.


And then it hit me. Do what any good adult does when they can’t live out the dream they have always had… make the kiddies live it out for you. Oh yes… this is how it shall work. I will put my little flower girl in a tutu and let her twirl to her hearts delight. Problem solved. I will live vicariously through her. Aww.. to be an adult with power to dress others. Muwahhahaha.

Ok, so it’s not THAT mean. Seriously, it’s not. Look at these cutie patoties.

Tutu's Chic on Etsy

Simply Sweet Shoppe on Etsy

Tutu's Chic

JCrew Pirouette Skirt

OK fine. I’ll let you see one picture of my figure skating days. Just one though.

personal photo

How will you live out your childhood dreams? or is the wedding itself THE dream?



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3 responses to “How the youthful me influences the bridal me

  1. Sally

    I never even thought about wearing my pointe shoes with my wedding dress…I might have to do that for a TTD. 😉 That might be an option after the wedding for you: a TTD session ice skating!
    You know what I did for my wedding; I wore my tap shoes to live my childhood dream.

  2. I decided to do a tutu for my flower girl also, love the idea – so cute! Here’s the tutu we picked…

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