STD, FI, MOB, FMIL, DH… ehhh what? Wedding lingo


Ah! STDs!

Yup, like most wedding planning newbies, I felt completely appalled that people talked about STDs so openingly. Seriously wedding planning fools? Sexually transmitted diseases?

heehee.. and a little bit of googling later, I discovered that bloggers themselves were not the fools, rather I just needed some more needed lessons on wedding blogging terminology. Talk about a learning curve and feeling like I were studying for the SATs again.

The wedding world is full of jargon jargon jargon. The wedding acronyms make blogging and forum discussions easier on the typing fingers (and in my head… less prone to carpel tunnel 😉

Let’s have a little lesson shall we? Here are some of the common one’s that I tend to use and see.

BM: Bridesmaid or sometimes (but rarely) Best Man

DH:  Dear Husband (usually refers to just husband though)

DIY: Do it yourself

FBIL: Future brother in law

FI: Fiance

FFIL: Future Father in Law

FIL: Future In Laws

FMIL: Future Mother in Law

FSIL: Future Sister in Law

MOB: Mother of the Bride

MOH: Maid of Honor

MFI: Future Mother in Law

OOT: Out of town

RD: Rehearsal dinner

STD: Save the Date

See a more complete list here and here.

What other acronyms do you use regularly?


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