Me + He = Us

It’s been a long blog and never a post on us. For this, I apologize. Let me formally and properly introduce you to “me” and “he” better known now and soon to be forever more as “us.”


I am a Vietnamese American psychology graduate student born and raised in Sunny San Diego, California. I went to UCLA for my bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Study and currently live in Chicago pursuing my doctorate in Community Psychology. (Enough of my academic resume yet?)

The academic stuff is important to me because I feel that it provides a backdrop for everything else is that “me” and sets up what has become “us.” But onto the more personal stuff. When I’m not doing the school thing, I’m attempting to keep myself busy with artsy fartsy stuff like sewing, knitting, crocheting, and other things crafty. I take pictures of nearly everything just because I think it’s fun. And I pride myself on being able to craft useless items into pretty useful items.


My mister is a psychology nerd too, born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. He claims Lithuanian heritage, but he’s actually mostly German and a tad Irish too. He claims that because of these backgrounds, he’s genetically inclined to drink. He went to the University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne for his bachelors in psychology, got a master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology at the University of Colorado, Denver, and is now in Chicago working on the doctorate in Social Psychology. See the pattern? Can you just imagine what debates in our household sounds like? Basically, we over analyze everything! It’s how we do. It’s why we’re great psychologists and researchers.

He’s obsessed with the bright orange color because of his time at the University of Illinois, yet somehow I dropped the color from our wedding theme (more to come on that later). He loves his college sports and spends a lot of his time drinking and critiquing beers. In essence, he’s a beer snob! Did I mention he’s a twin? He is.


photo by Hanssie Trainor Photography

We met in grad school at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He actually got a hold of my planner one day and scheduled himself in for Friday night dinner. So technically, he ordered me out more than he asked me out 🙂 He proceeded to later ask me to “teach” him to eat sushi. I couldn’t imagine that in 2005 this guy had not had sushi before. So I took this pitiful man under my wings, picked the restaurant, ordered the food, and get this…. he even let me pay!

Today, the story goes a little more like this. He asked to teach him about sushi and proceeded to show me how much of a feminist HE was by letting me lead and pay. You like that? And this is the type of awesome stuff that makes up our relationship! I LOVE this part of our “how I met your mother” story.

Do you have other “nontraditional” stories that really define your relationship?


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