So You Want to be a Model: Couples in Love

This edition is full of advice to help the lovable couple that gets uncomfortable in front of a camera. You don’t have to prove your love to anyone but your partner, but it’s still nice to be able to capture some moments of that love on camera. It’s probably true that each couple has their unique love moments that capture the uniqueness of their love, but sometimes you just need some fall backs to ensure you have enough fun variety in your photo sets.

It sometimes just seems odd to be that these images like these on your wedding day and engagement pictures and other such love bird photo sessions are all about public displays of affection (PDA). Oh PDA… ewwww… or is it? Personally, I feel pretty comfortable with the basics of kissing, hugging, and holding hands. But during our 2 engagement photo sessions I found myself feeling a tad up tight because you’re sometimes asked for some serious PDA. Toughy friends.. toughy.

So here we go folks.. more tips for modeling your love in front of the camera.

(1) The almost kiss. This is the moment right before the kiss. Sometimes it’s sweeter than the actual kiss itself. So go in for the kiss.. then stop and hover. Sense each other’s being right there…. so close yet so far away. The lingering will likely bring on a slight smile.. and create this picture below. I liken this type of photo to the first kiss that happens in the slowest way where couples are kind of teasing one another. So romantic.

Jessica Claire Photography

(2) Neck kiss. Ok… I think these photos are sensual and sweet, but a lot of times they just don’t look like they need to be captured and seen by my parents. So this image below kind of captures a moment that makes me feel more comfortable with this form of PDA.

a.h.p photos

(3) Forehead touch. Great minds think alike don’t they? Well.. maybe they should touch too.  This can happen in so many different ways and produce so many different types of photos. Look at these… so sweet and romantic.

JWL Photography

JWL Photography

(4) Try kissing the forehead! Heck yeah.. so sweet.

source: Brenda’s Wedding blog photographer: Rebecca Photographer

(5) Hand on the neck. There’s something about that hand on the neck that just makes me melt. And it’s true in a picture as well as in real life. Oh to be that lady in the picture.

Tea Lily photography

The hand on the neck can happen from ladies too! And it looks hot!


(6) The couple that laughs together. Tell your partner a joke.. or at least.. say something funny, slick, silly, or even just totally naughty 😉

Stephanie Williams Photography

(7) Head on the Shoulder. I really think this a anyone can put their head on another person’s shoulder and look amazing. You can really do it from any direction too. I mean. Here the bride puts her head on her groom’s shoulder from behind… and the expression on her face is simply priceless! Priceless I say.. priceless!


So there you have it folks… my tricks for some romantical shots (<– oh wow.. is romantical a word? but it’s sooo the right word to describe them don’t you think?). Any who.. what other romantic shot tricks do you have up your sleeve?

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