Including the Kid-os

Many couples struggle with whether or not to include children at their wedding. Many people have adult only celebrations because of the hassle that are children. In our particular situation, we never once thought about excluding them. I have young cousins who will be our one flower girl and ring bearer. Fiance’s cousin’s have young children. And finally, our view of marriage is that of bringing family together irrespective of age. So I guess that meant not discriminating by age. On occasion I still am unsure if we made the right decision. What if a baby starts to cry during our ceremony? What if a child decides to take a big chunk out of our wedding cake before we’ve had the chance to cut it?

I also wonder if I really want our friends and family to be “parenting” instead of enjoying the wedding festivities (who am I kidding… this just means that I want them to be able to drink freely and be wildly fun). Is it possible to still have parents have fun and stay for the “partying”? In the end, the boy and I decided that we didn’t want to make the decision for our friends and family. We will let everyone know that there will be open bar and fun festivities and allow our adult friends and family to decide if they would like to include their children. We’re hoping this is the right decision.

Then I see images like these, and it reminds me why we made the right decision. They are adorable… even when they’re being oh so mischievous in their plotting for the cake. We’ll have to include kid friendly activities to keep them busy enough to not take a handful of cake when no one’s watching. I’ll fill you in on the kid activities in a later post.

Melissa Mcclure Photography

Our Labor of Love

source: Mrs. Martini on Weddingbee Photographer: ClyCreation

Mollie Jane Photography


I’m pretty sure these kids weren’t invited to the wedding, but how lovable and adorable is this image. Love is like a bug.. so easy to catch and spread. I adore this.

Jessica Claire Photography

Are you including kiddies? Was it a difficult decision?


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