Wedding Photo Checklist – Part III – The Process

To me these are images of the process because they’re not necessarily of people. Rather, they’re images of people throughout the wedding day process. You see… “process” through these pictures because they’re doing more than going through the motions. They’re living the moment, and these couples are lucky enough to get to relive these moments forever. Fingers crossed such moments end up in our batch.

(1) Bridesmaid love. A picture that shows off the bridesmaid love is important and simply cannot be planned. It just happens, and you need someone there to snap the shot.

source: Mrs. Crabcake on Weddingbee; Photographer: Kristian Ogden Photgraphy

Look how lovingly they keep you pretty.

Still Motion

(2) Parental Love

It’s really important to me that any emotion that my father decides to show is captured! The man does not show emotion. I mean, he laughs all the time. He’s totally fun to be around. But I’ve never seen him cry or get emotional. I don’t expect it to happen on my wedding day, but if it does. Oh man do I want to immortalize it… FOREVER!


(3) Family Fun.

Likewise, I really want to see and know that my parents had a wonderful time at our wedding. I’m really hoping for a shot like this.

Tea Lily Photography

(4) The awesomeness of speeches.

This statement of course assumes that our speeches are going to be worth capturing and that they will evoke some sort of reaction worth capturing. No expectations of course… but if it’s memorable, I want images to prove it 🙂

Caroline Tran

(5) Photos that will always be funny.

These are the pictures that will crack you up for years to come. They simply cannot be planned for. You just have to hope you get one. Be ready with that camera I tell ya.

Still Motion

It would be way too bridezilla of me to insist that I get photos like these because they really cannot be planned or created. They are the moments I hope to have when I let it all go the morning of my wedding and say… what’s done is done. What’s not done isn’t going to get done. Let’s go and get married already… let the memories begin.

What memories does your inner bridezilla hope to have?

Want more checklists? Check out my first two checklists on the people and the details.


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One response to “Wedding Photo Checklist – Part III – The Process

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    #1!!! I can see you and all the girls primping and fixing! Can’t wait.

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