To Shade or Not to Shade?

Having a summer wedding outdoors? Heck, depending on what part of the world you live in, you might have to deal with this year round. What is it that I’m talking about you ask?

The sun! Oh so pretty when you wake up with the blue skies and pretty shadow pictures that I’ve swooned over so many times. But what are the disadvantages that the rain brides don’t have to deal with? There’s the squinty eyes, the sweating, and the sunburns. This past summer, I attended my cousin’s beautiful beach wedding. Even though she had a shade hut that we all sat under during the ceremony, all the walking around afterwards to hang out got me utterly sunburned. I’m actually now sitting in Chicago with the temperature about 30 degrees outside, and I STILL have the tan lines to prove it! It’s December!

What could save your guests? SHADE! Let’s explore your options.

At least there are the programs. Talk about multi-use paper products!

Program for Shade

Well, what if you provide one shade umbrella and a couple parasols? You get this…

source: In The Clouds Events

Shading everyone. Might be more expensive, but definitely more fair and might look better in photos.

source: Caroline Tran

or pretty parasols… some light still gets through. Is it enough to get burned though? This may be an expensive option, but at least you can re-sell the parasols after the wedding. Will people use them? Will men feel like they’re not allowed to use them? Will they get in the way of people’s line of sight?

Brilliant Event Planning

Wedding Planning Plus

What do you think? Are there other options to shading that I haven’t considered?


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