Wedding Photo Checklist – Part II- Detail Shots

I left you with the first wedding photo checklist of people. Now we move on to some detail shots. Again, I remind you that this is not your ordinary list. These are “extra” shots. These are the descriptive shots. These shots showcase a little bit more than the traditional shots that most experienced wedding photographers will remember to shoot.

(1) Ring Shots with personality. These ring shots tell a give you a bit more information that just the beauty of the wedding rings. We see personality, whimsy, beach wedding, and some cool childhood hand size flare.

Source: WeddingBee’s Mrs. SeaBreeze

or this one that screams… we’re book warms.


(2) Dress details. To me this may be more important than the actual preservation of the dress. Should anything happen to my dress in a “trash the dress” session, or if I decide to sell it, I’ll have shots to help me remember this dress in all her glory. She deserves it in my eyes. I know there will be plenty of shots of me in the dress. But I feel like she also deserves some close ups showing her detail and glory.

source: Polka Dot Bride ; Photographer: Strak Photographer Duo

Hanssie Trainor Photography

(3) A glorious shoe shot! This is not just the shot of the shoes. Oh no. That would be much too easy. Any item worn by the bride is lovingly chosen. And as such, she deserves to be shown off in glory. Shoes, my friend, need to be shown off with fierceness. Or maybe even with a little slyness. I am thinking of wearing some blue shoes that my mother doesn’t know about. I don’t think she’ll notice.. but I plan on keeping it a secret until she makes her debut on wedding day. Slick right?


Mod 4 Photographic

(3) The invitation/paper shot. Don’t forget to bring these along with you. Better yet, send them to your photographer or your coordinator to make sure you get shots of them. This is especially important to me because of the level of DIY-ness for our paper goods. They will surely need to be immortalized in photographs indeed.

Source: Ruffled Blog ; Photographer: Orchard Grove Photography

Jasmine Star

(4) The Ride. Because I intend on having an awesome one! So no I don’t want just any old shot of the beauty I intend on riding. Like any good accessory, I want it shot in style… looking hot, pristine, and glam! This picture wreaks of class, glam, and subconsciously tells you what an amazingly sunny day my wedding day was. right?

Source: Polka Dot Bride; Photographer: Infinity Photography

(5) The set up before guests arrive. I think this one is important. It’s always nice to have the shot with all your guests, but given all the work and time you put into making the space a beautiful one. I think it’s only fitting that you have an image of it as you imagined it in design. Then of course… also get the image with all the bodies in the chair. In fact… what about having a videographer film both and time lapse it. Sweet!

source: J.L. Designs

Do any of you wedding graduates have detail shots you wished your photographer had gotten?



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2 responses to “Wedding Photo Checklist – Part II- Detail Shots

  1. Sally

    My photographer took a lot of detail shots that I hadn’t even thought of, but one thing that would have been nice to have (but not necessary) are photos of the food. I’m a bit of a foodie and having some shots of the nicely plated food to remember or even see would have been nice (since we sat at a sweetheart table). Some of the dishes were plated so elegantly (i.e. filet mingon in bird’s nest).

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