Wedding Photo Checklist – Part I- The People

There are a lot of lists you can get online for wedding photo lists. The must haves of wedding day photography. But there is quite a bit of debate as to whether or not you should give your photographer a list. I would suggest contracting a photographer that you trust to take all the must have shots and then some. However, there are just some shots that you absolutely want to make sure get taken. Maybe there’s a cultural tradition that will take place that your photog doesn’t know about. This is a good thing to tell your photog. Just like in any good relationship, if they don’t know, they can’t please you. So instead of a traditional photo list that you can get here, here, here, here, here, and here, I’m going to list the photos that I think are worth noting to your photographer(s). I expect all the formals and traditional shots of me and fiance putting our rings on, our first kiss, our first dance, etc. These get a bit more descriptive and allows my photographer to get a better sense of what I’m looking for in our photo set.

(1) A frame-able photo of US!

Our Blog of Love

Source: April Foster Events

(2) Me doing my bridal fierce! Bridal fierceness shines best when you strike a pose that tells the camera, I’m here! Shoot me fast because I’m gorgeous! They screem, I’m a bride! Take my picture. And the images exudes confidence, fun, and glamour.

Source: WeddingBee’s Mrs. AppleCider

En Point Photography

The Image is Found

(2b) Bridal Glory Shot. Note that my definition of a “glory shot” and a “fierce shot” are different. A glory shot entails very little effort. The image evokes feelings of your wedding lust and the anxiety that you might have felt leading up to your walk down the aisle. I envision my glory shot occurring in the final moments before either our first look or before my walk down the aisle. It’s a final moment of reflection. Can you see it here?

Sean Loring Schofield Photography

Tauran Photography

(3) A Come Hither you hot hot man.

Jessica Claire

The Image is Found

(4) The twirling bride

source: A Wedding Cabaret; photographer: Asian Bees Photography

Hanssie Trainor Photography

(4b) And a complimenting twirling flower girl


(5) The Jumping Wedding Party. I’ve always had a thing for jumping pictures. Need proof? hold on.

source: Polka Dot Bride; Photography: Broderick Photography

Tauran Photography

What other must have shots of people are on your list?



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4 responses to “Wedding Photo Checklist – Part I- The People

  1. You’ll have to remind me to do the jumping shot since I typically don’t do that one 😉

  2. Sweet! I will definitely remind you. We should jump right over the cliff at our ceremony site. It’ll be so awesome.

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