Reasons to want rain on your wedding day

Reason to want rain? Yeah well most people want sunny days and blue skies. And others who are obsessed with pictures (I speak of myself again of course) want cool pictures with umbrellas. I totally understand the hassle and tension that having a rainy day might bring, but I think this set of pictures should ease your concerns a little. Make the most of your day regardless of the weather. You may miss the sunny day pictures, but you’ll covet these rainy day pictures that sunny day brides cannot have.



and more umbrellas, especially of the school pride variety. (Go Bruins!)


and look at this entire wedding!  What a spread.  Gorgeous!


or how about cloudy skies where you’re lucky enough to get a break in the clouds for your outdoor ceremony.  Talk about adding suspense to your day.


Are you worried about rain on your big day?



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3 responses to “Reasons to want rain on your wedding day

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    It is good luck but I think I would just melt if it rained! With an outdoor ceremony AND outdoor reception what will I do! The backup plan sucks: move indoors. Maybe just a little drizzle and a few of those great umbrellas…that would be okay.

  2. Sally

    Well you know what happened to me and I stressed the night before the wedding and in the morning…fortunately the rain cleared just in time for the ceremony (and started up again as we were heading to the reception). The clouds in the sky and crashing waves did make beautiful photos though and I have to say hearing the crashing waves in the background as we exchanged our vows was perfect for us.

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