Swooners: Sara Gabriel

Sara Gabriel makes couture bridal accessories. Oh heaven are they impressive, fashionable, and just utterly breathtaking. They make a statement that speaks as loudly as any gown I’ve seen. Sounds crazy right? Look at these swoon worthy glamor shots. I love that all of Sara’s pieces have swoon names just like bridal gowns. So sweet!

This is the beauty I would wear if I had the money to splurge! Oh Astyn how I want thee.

Louise is my dream reception hair piece. She is glamorous and striking! She screams, let’s party! But don’t forget who the bride is here!

And if I was wearing a plainer dress. I’d sport Dahlia.

How about some stunning hair pieces! I’m so so tempted to jump in a store to try these babies on.

Here is Shelby Comb.

AndVanessa Comb!

And how about decking out one for the Friends of Honor, Brides Women (aka Bridesmaid), or Flower Girls with this Reese pin?

A round of applause for today’s Swooner: Sara Gabriel! Keep up the great work and may your creative juices continue to flow. I adore your work!


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One response to “Swooners: Sara Gabriel

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I love, oh love Sara Gabriel! I am so glad you reminded me of her accessories. When I first got engaged I looked at the website which is just filled with beautiful photographs of unexpected gems. Creative, fun, sexy, vintage. She has it all!

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