So you want to be a model: Leg Pop

When you think of being in love and the way the first kiss makes you feel, many people think about the leg pop. When you’re swooning, the leg just wants to pop up. So when you’re taking pictures with the one you love and it starts to feel more awkward than romantic, here are some pointers for getting a picture perfect leg pop. Note that the leg bot is best when it’s creative a triangle. If you haven’t read about the importance of the triangle. Read this.

Tippy Toes! I love the way this looks because it seems so sweet. It also really helps that being on your tippy toes helps to elongate your legs and your calves look good.


If you don’t need to go on your tippy toes because you’re wearing heals or are tall enough to reach your partner, then arch that back and create “shape.” Put your hips into your partner. hey hey… stop it with the sexual thoughts. It’s to create shape 😉


when you don’t do it, it will still obviously look sweet. It just won’t have the same long line.



I call this the leg pop lift. Women is doing the leg pop while her mate picks her up. Looks sweet and enduring right?


I love this shot. It’s got all the qualities of a great leg pop photo and then some!


And here is one of my own from Hanssie Trainor Photography.I’m wearing 4 inch heals, so I tried to work the lean into your partner move because tippy toes were not going to work. Did it work? Maybe a little more curve next time huh?

What other favorite couple’s move do you like to see in engagement and/or wedding photos?


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