Birdcage Veil Placement

Who knew there were so many options. As if it wasn’t enough to have to pick a dress, then whether or not to wear a veil. Then if you wear a veil which kind. I decided I want to wear a birdcage veil. Our civil ceremony location is on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It will no doubt be very windy. I certainly don’t want to deal with an out of control veil. But there are sooo many more decisions to make when it comes to the birdcage. I had no idea until I started really thinking about it. How will the birdcage veil be worn? Should it come across my eyes? should it be pinned at the side of my head, on top of my head, or on both sides of my temples? White or black? Fascinator or none? Ekk.. To make my point and help to clarify the differences, I’ve gathered these images. What do you think? Does the shape and placement of the veil matter?

(1) Slanted covering your side sweep bangs, but not quite over the eyes.

(2) With a hat and in black. Maybe this is more engagement picture than wedding day look?


(3) Straight across covering the eyes. This seems to be the most common and most traditional look. At least it’s plentiful in the blogosphere.

(4) larger slanted from cheek to chin. This is the Madison birdcage veil by Castle Bride. Very glamorous. But maybe this style isn’t the best for a DIY bride like myself who plans on crafting her own birdcage huh?


(5) big puff covering the entire head. I have a big head. Will this make my head look bigger? The pros of this one include no break across the face and how fun and easy it will be to flip it back into a sort of traditional veil.

Veil U Bridal

(6) Straight across right at or just above eye level. I worry that this one will interfere with my vision.

Veil U Bridal

(7) more of a fascinator than a veil. I love the way these Sara Gabriel veils look. Would I miss not having a “veil” veil?

this is Louise

and donielle

(8) And slanted covering just one eye?

Astyn from Sara Gabriel

Veil Tales

Do you have any pointers for positioning a birdcage? Maybe it’s like clothes and you have to fit it to your face shape?


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One response to “Birdcage Veil Placement

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    my hands-down, number one favorite: the slanted over one eye birdcage veil. it is just too glamourous!

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