So you want to be a model – Make Triangles!

Post #2 in my “So you want to be a model” series. Now, let’s talk about adding visual interest to a picture. I learned this trick in my high school photography class. When in doubt, make triangles. Yes, triangles. You’ll hear Tyra Banks say to create shapes with your body. Yes, this is true. Shapes are good. But the best shape of them all for photography is the triangle. All types of triangles… oblong, obtuse, equilateral, right triangle. In these images, they’re basically all created equal in my humble opinion. Again, I’m no expert. Did you notice I referenced my high school photography class? Yup… that’s all folks. But here are some visually interesting pictures where triangles stand out. Can you count the number of triangles in each?

Left: Do you see the triangles created in the photo? Right: Check out her arms and her leg.

I love this photo. Her body is creating all sorts of triangles here. How many triangles can you count in this picture?


You can even use structural triangles to add interest to a picture. Now, in this case you’ll likely have to see if your photog has an eye for these structural triangles. Unless of course, you have a way of moving metal and earth (X-men no?).



How else can you create triangles in photographs?



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