Bridesmaid dresses under $100

Today we explore the world of brideswomen dresses that are in the $50-$100 range. You’ll notice that in this range the dresses tend to have a bit more detail and use a slightly nicer fabric. Let’s start with some of the same online sources I shared with you in the $50 and under range. Starting with Lulu’s, you can see the fun, young, and flirty look. They seem to be a tad on the short and slinky side still. Very cute for night-time youthful parties.

Lulu’s Tranquility Dress in Purple – $72.00

Lulu’s Date Dress in Teal – $57

This next ModCloth dress can easily be worn for a daytime wedding. I can also see added DIY details such as rosettes, belts, and sashes.

ModCloth’s Crop Circle Dress in Penomenon – $52.99

Helooo lace and satin!

ModCloth’s A Trace of Lace Dress in Copper – $62.99

Ruffles are so in right now. Flirty and easy to wear. The fuller skirt and tie belt make this number easier for a large range of body types.

ModCloth’s She’s A Lady Dress in Black – $64.99

Now the ultimate in versatility is the convertible (aka infinity dress). Look at these Victoria Secret dresses. They come in a large number of colors and are really easy to order. Each woman can choose her own way of wearing the dress. This is an especially perfect option for destination weddings because you don’t have to deal with steaming and ironing dresses the day of the wedding. Anything for one less thing on the task list right? A second bonus is the additional savings you can get when you subscribe to their email list. I regularly get 20% off discounts on one item. So what is a $100 dress turns into an $80 dress. Score!

Victoria’s Secret Rusched Convertible Dress – $88

Victoria’s Secret Flirty Convertible Dress – $95

My preference is dresses normally priced under $100, but I’d love to hear about dresses that are under $100 when discounted or on sale! How about some other stores and locations to check for dresses under the $100 mark? Or do you think we’re losing something by getting cheaper dresses?


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  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I really like the copper mod shop dress for me! very cool!

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