So you want to be a model – Dip, baby dip.

So I’m a photography junky. And it doesn’t help that I am prone to freaking out. I try my best not to obsess over things I cannot control, but that leaves the possibility of freaking out over everything that I CAN control. Enter posing…. I can control how I place my body. I may not be able to control the ultimate photos (hence why I hired talented photographers), but my body is my own.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional at any of this. In fact, I welcome and encourage “real” advice. I’ve gathered this information through my own experiences as a figure skater, dancer, and amateur photographer. Oh who am I kidding, the bulk of my knowledge came through watching reality TV shows like “American’s Next Top Model” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” Ok there, I said it. Don’t hate me. You have to learn where you can right?

** Click on pictures to see original source

(1)  Too too much my friends. This pose is fun, but a bit awkward. (But don’t they look like they’re having fun?)

(2)  A slight kick of one leg. Sweet and swept look. Very romantic my friends.

(3) Kick the outside leg (the one not touching your partner). If you don’t, it will look like this.

(4) But you don’t have to kick your leg. But present your outside leg straight and pointed.

(5) DO point your toes like this…

— not like this.

another no.

(5) Arch your back toward your partner at the hip.This will give you a nice curve and show off a bit of ass-ets if you will (heehee… the little girl in me giggles at this).


Photo by Moley Photography

(6) Lastly, there are really no rules. Honestly, if you have fun I think the pictures will come out great. See photo 1. The couple may not have followed these rules, but their picture is super cute and swoon worthy. You can feel the fun and the love. So relax and enjoy your photo shoot! (How’s that for being hypocritical? lol!)

A perfect ballroom dip for comparison sake. Notice the pointed toe, the lifted outside straight leg, the head not too tight upward, yet not too far back.

If you want to bend your outside knee instead. You can do so by making a clear triangle with your bent leg. Remember that when you are taking pictures, triangles make for interesting pictures. So always try to make triangles like this. You definitely don’t have to bend this high if you don’t want to, but make a triangle nevertheless. More on the triangle in my next photo tips post.

Do you have any pointers to share, especially from watching TV? What tips did you keep in mind during your photo shoot?



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2 responses to “So you want to be a model – Dip, baby dip.

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    i have to say your moley photo dip is the BEST!!

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