Only when you Fall

Although we’re having a summer wedding in the peak of all peak weddings seasons, I still sometimes have wedding envy when I think of the things I simply cannot have because it’s summer. Here are some of the what Fall has to offer.

** Click on the image to go to their supporting websites to see more.

(1) Leaves… beautiful leaves.

(2) Gets dark earlier.


(3) Wearing boleros




a la Buffy?

or a la Ivanka Trump?

(5) Pumpkins

Loook at this beautiful pumpkin centerpiece! Stunning.

Are you going to miss elements from other seasons at your wedding?


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One response to “Only when you Fall

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I love fall. Is this season just made for weddings? I seriously contemplated having a fall wedding versus a summer wedding. It all came down to location. If we were going to have our wedding on the East Coast then the obvious choice would be OCTOBER! The colors, flowers, the leaves, the briskness! I love orange, ambers, sepias, and greens pair this with leaves…perfect!

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