The Bridal Princess Dream

I know today’s post is controversial. I may even be upsetting some of you. But I feel that this is an important topic for women to talk about. I think it’s important for everyone to recognize the socialization we have all been through and understand that the choices we make are ours to make. We ought to it thoughtfully and purposely. So here goes.

I enter a bridal salon. Magazine pictures in hand. Hopes high. Glossy eyed. You’re invited to sit down and begin talking about how you want to look on your wedding day? What do you say?

For me, the first thing out of my mouth is what I do NOT want to look like. It’s harder to say what I want to look like.

I do not want to look like a princess.

What’s wrong with being a princess? Why shouldn’t I want to look like a princess. I did grow up loving to watch Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. It wasn’t till I reached college and began on my education in Women’s Studies at UCLA. My eyes began to open, and I began to see the world differently. I began to think for myself.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong about wanting to look like a princess or feel like one on your wedding day. But I do feel like it’s a choice that one should make and not feel forced into.

And then today I read on and it was all there.

Samhita has the analysis that I have only haphazardly thought about in my head and failed to really capture.


What do you think? How has your princess up-bringing or lack of princess up-bringing affected your wedding planning?


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One response to “The Bridal Princess Dream

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    It is true. These princess tales show our society’s disposition for soft, helpless females and strong, heroic men.

    {{Here comes the controversy}}}

    But to me it is a bit of calling the kettle black. One of the main themes (teachings) in these tales is that you must be beautiful. Aren’t we trying to be beautiful on our wedding day? We can never escape society’s hold on us even when we are trying to reinvent it.

    I get bored seeing the same big fluffy dress, tiaras, and stank attitude thinking the world should pause because two ppl are getting married. Why have a cookie cutter wedding? Why try to fit the mold of the helpless character?

    I am excited to see how your vision translates to your day! I have a feeling you will be strong, powerful, unique, and beautiful (yes, i said it)! Can’t wait!

    P.S. It is always great to reflect on the choices we make and what this says about us individually and as a group.

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