Color my wedding…. uh.. blue?

After a wedding date and finding your wedding dress, I think colors and themes are about one of the most difficult decisions to make AND to keep! First off, there are so many choices. It would be simple if your personality type was very clear and matched a “style” so to speak. FI and I are not so simple. We’re in love with just about every style and see the utility in most forms of art and style. But we definitely have a love for the old, vintage charm and the modern clean and simple. Check out these 2 pictures. One from each of our engagement photo sessions.

Session 1 with Moley Photography for a 1920s prohibition style picnic


Session 2 with Hanssie Trainor Photography that I posted about yesterday.


See what I mean. I think this next picture kind of captures our mixed sytle.


So what has this done to our color scheme and theme? Hasn’t helped, that’s for sure.

At first I thought we would use blue and orange because FI is an alum from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne. Go Illini! But orange proved to be a difficult color for me. So we moved to more hues of blue. I really didn’t want to use just 2 colors and have very matchy matchy decor. I like the idea of having a theme and a vibe to the space. The problem is that I can’t seem to find the right inspiration board or thematic expression, if you will, to convey my theme. Let me share with you some of my inspiration pictures.

From Apartment Therapy

Martha Stewart Weddings also has the color palette I like Seaglass but not really the correct “feeling.”

Here are the colors that I’ve used thus far for our wedding elements. You’ll notice that I haven’t blogged about these DIY projects. Patience my dear friends. They are coming.

With my wedding dress, more white chiffon elements, gray groomsmen suits, and an ocean backdrop… do you see it? What do you think? Does it work? What would you call this?

Here are my long winded tries at creating a thematic expression.

(1) “modern oasis with vintage charm”

(2) “modern beach cottage chic”

Here are the problems. I am afraid to use the word “beach” because I don’t want any seashells or sea horses in our decor. I don’t want the tropical look, just the lush and relaxing look.

Thoughts? Am I crazy?


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One response to “Color my wedding…. uh.. blue?

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I am with you! Since I am getting married on an island the first thought that pops into head is “tropical wedding” but I don’t want tropical. I want local, native, celebratory…and in CA…it is not tropical but more desert! My idea of the beach, coming from Central/Southern California, is not about wild bright hues but subdued, weathered palettes. It is soft blues, dark pines, soft eucalyptus greens, sand tan, and seafoam cream. I totally get you! And by the way I finally chose my theme. Check my blog ( for an update shortly!!

    By the way, I think the orchid is the perfect fit for you! Modern, clean lines. Crisp bright white! Ma Cherie!

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