Wedding Staker

** careful. Lots of pictures to load on this page 😉

Getting engaged and planning a wedding brings out all the glory of love and smitten over your partner… but oh how it brings out the bad side of your personality too.

(1) I stake! Oh yes do I ever. I staked potential vendors, following them day in and day out to see if I liked their work. I wouldn’t even email them until I had seen weeks of blog posts of work I liked. Lesson to wedding vendors; blogging works! Let me show you the process using our super fab photog Hanssie Trainor.

Here’s the image that did it for me. I had to have her.

(2) Stalking post contract! Look at the color in these pictures. Helloooo.. The woman knows glam and how to use color to enhance the feeling of the picture.

I can’t get over how awesome this night shot is.

And most recently, I’m swooning over this one. Who has the guts to do this? I don’t. But I sure wish I did. The artsy fartsy in me really wants to do it.

And here’s one of my faves. Look how she totally got the color and feel we wanted. Our theme… hip professors. Urban right? Spot on.

So my friends, what has been your worst wedding induced tendency?


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