No Blooms in my Center

Yup, you heard it. What if I don’t want flowers for centerpieces? What are my options? I think flowers are pretty, but I don’t like how expensive they can be and the fact that they are cut and so are destined to death. Morbid isn’t it.

A lot of people have done candles for centerpieces. This makes a great centerpiece and you have the added bonus of ambiance through soft glowing candle lights.


How about some fruit?

or some wheat or hay if you’re going for a more rustic feel?

How about using the favor boxes?


A stack of books?


Ok so which am I thinking about? None of these actually. I’m thinking of something totally crazy and off the wall I think. I want it to be practical, elegant, but unique and fun. Do you remember water glass music?


Now think different drinks in different shades of blues and greens to match our theme (which I’ll disclose in another post. For now think ocean water). And I’ll put drink flags indicating the type of drink. Maybe looking like a combination of these following pictures.



What do you think? Is it too crazy? Would anyone get it? Do you have any suggestions on making this a reality?


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One response to “No Blooms in my Center

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I love the idea of using the cluster of glasses (above with the floating lemons and limes) but how about adding differing amounts of aqua coloring into the water for different shades of blue. Then adding a floating white candle to each glass. Ambience, oceany….!?

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