Dear Diary… Judy Jetson style


Do you remember Judy Jetson’s diary Didi? Judy would spill her guts about her newest crushes and other teenage woes. I would watch in awe and go write in my little pink diary with a lock. That’s how cool I was. Don’t laugh. We all had our moments. Now, if you were, in deed, as “cool” as me back in the day, you, too, didn’t like to write “dear diary” and instead wrote letters to your future self.

Well, we haven’t quite come as far as the Jetsons in 2009. But we do have something a little cooler than the pink diary with the heart shaped lock.

I introduce to you FutureMe allows you to write a letter to your future self. You write the letter, input your email address, and set the date you want to have the letter emailed to yourself.


As Ron Popeil would say “Set it and forget it.” (who remebers the dehydrator that made dried watermelon) <– See how really cool I was. Proof. Enough said.

So how is this wedding related you ask?

Simple, I think these are the best and most important times to write letters to your future self. Transition times if you will. Note where you are today, where you hope to be in 5 years, and be specific. Set goals… set objectives for meeting your goals, and mention your mental state today.

Good luck. You’ll get a fun surprise X number of years from now.

What other childhood activities can you integrate into your adult life?


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One response to “Dear Diary… Judy Jetson style

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I too am on the computer wayyyy to much. i think i may be addicted to wedding related sites. i need to schedule time off the computer!

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