Where to put thy sparkles?

Since getting engaged over 9 months ago, I have yet to figure out what is the proper protocol for thy e-ring wear. Isn’t it funny that one of my earlier post spoke of breaking rules and traditions and my very next post is about “protocol.” Perhaps a fancy word for “norm” or “standard” or “tradition.” Aw yes, a prototypical hypocrite. I’ll admit it. Basically, I like to know what the norms are before purposely choosing to go against it. Seems simple enough right? What fun would I be to get to know if I were simple. 🙂

First off, do you ever take off your engagement ring? I felt bad for not taking it off when I wash dishes, shower, go to bed. So I take it off and put it in it’s case when I shower or go to bed. (yup.. that’s my gorgeous beauty)


I have decided that when I’m not at home with my little ring box, I wear the ring to bed because I’m prone to losing things. Is there a right way to do this? Is there a wear and tear kind of reason for wearing your ring all the time or taking it off? What is everyone else doing?

And I’ll leave you with a picture of my e-ring covered by peonies awesomeness.



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One response to “Where to put thy sparkles?

  1. it really varies for me:
    i take mine off when i scrub the bathroom, not when i do dishes unless it is a big basin filled, only sometimes when i sleep or bathe. i used to take it off more but i dont trust the jewelry boxes i have right now. i love to wear it all the time so it has to be a good reason to take it off!

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