Winner, Yes That’s Me.

There are so many wedding blog competitions these days. And thank goodness for that. But like any other competition, I hardly ever think I’m actually going to win. In fact, just doing tasks to submit for competitions can be time consuming. This is why I figured out months ago that I would only spend time taking part in competitions that I actually would love to win. And helloo to me… I won something. Brenda’s Wedding Blog is great! I always look forward to her posts in my rss reader each day because she’s sweet and to the point and always has pictures to swoon over. And she also has a bunch of competitions.  I dig it.

Brenda Win

So what did I win you ask? A super cool sign from The Studio by Danielson Designs. Their line is “Custom decor so simple it’s stunning.” Dude! Really? It fits perfectly with my vision. Originally, this is the sign I had my eye on. I actually thought about buying it regardless of winning. Isn’t it pretty?

So first thing… go in and change the saying for me and my honey..

Now, the problem. I really dislike this style “N” and there’s 2 of them on here. And they don’t have a function to change the font. So this left me searching on the site. Here are some options I created. We’re going to use this as decoration at our guest book table or our cake table. After the wedding, we’ll use it in our home.

Which one of the following would you choose? Leave your vote and reasons why in the comments section.

#1 Style 1063

#2  Style 1134

#3  Style 1022

#4 Style 1148


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  1. I am between #3 and #4! I really like #3 for the long term. i can see it hanging in your home & i love that your life together would be “established” in 2010. you would be reminded of so many things when gazing upon it. also the text for the names are very clear and the saying reads like a slogan! I really like the simplicity of the type on #4. The “N”s are very beautiful. i think it is a nice merger of modern & tradition. simple decor that is stunning. congrats!!

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