When to get fancy?

Do you struggle with deciding when to splurge and when not to?

I do! I’m the type of person who walks through a store and doesn’t buy a thing because I think I can make everything. Here’s the script.

(browsing through hair clips)

Internal dialogue: Ooo. That is super cute.

(turn the clip over)

Internal dialogue: are you serious? That is so easy. I can totally make that!

(look at tag)

Internal dialogue: this costs what?!?! No way! I’m making this myself.


Internal dialogue: No vendor is going to trick me into buying overpriced wedding goods. I’ve got them fooled.

Several weeks/months later.

Ok. I’m finally getting to it. Make it… sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a flop!

Internal dialogue: Well duh. No wonder it cost that much. You have to pay for talent! duh!

So what is this all about you ask? It’s about our wedding website. I pride myself on being pretty computer savvy. So I put together a pretty intense wedding website using Blogger which is free. We paid $9.99 for our webdomain and that’s it.

What’s the problem then. Aw yes. It took months to figure this out, but there’s no easy way to password protect the site! At first I thought it would be great to index the page and make it easy for our guests to find it. Uh… yeah.. wrong again! I’m on the job market now and people are googling me left and right. What do they find? yup… personal information about my wedding plans. No likey. So now I need to find another option.



Problem 2: I don’t want just any ol’ free site. I want the same intense awesome site that I had spent so many hours on. What is a lady to do? I’m really leaning toward WeddingWindow, but it costs $80 for 15 months (that’s after putting in a promo code). That’s a lot! do I do it? or go for the free site I can easily use from MyWedding which is pretty nice but not at all as customizable as I want.


What have you done with the things you value? Or am I just obsessing and evoking my bridezilla-ness about this?


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  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I have that same internal dialogue. It sounds especially clear when cruising around SoHo boutiques here in NYC. “I can TOTALLY do that in 5 minutes. What a rip off! They want how much?” I too decided to create a wedding website. I started looking at theknot.com and brides.com but I just was NOT happy with their free designs, because, well, they looked cheap. I wanted a website that people would go to and it wouldn’t look “cheaper” than any other site they would go to. I decided to fork over some cash even though I technically could do the work myself. I ended up going with ewedding.com. At first I loaded all my material using their free trial and then I realized that the free trial was the most lavish package. So when I ended up purchasing the lowest priced package a lot of my content disappeared. I had to tweak some pages, make them be what they did not exactly want to be but in the end I had all the features I really wanted. Custom domain, password, music, images, and a nice theme. At $50 for a year it isn’t free, but it isn’t going to stop me in my tracks. I figured that the website would be used by the more tech savvy guests and not even all of them would go to it. It really is more for me (because really who else is frequenting it) and to help get everyone on board with the mini-destination wedding. If it helps just one guests in their travels (emotionally, picking a hotel, deciding to come!) then it is worth it! Sometimes you don’t need fancy, but you need something that meets your standards. Really, you need something you like.

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