Picking your Anniversary

How did you pick your anniversary date? Did you ever think of it that way? I mean, it is right? Sure, it’s your wedding date too. But really, you won’t be celebrating your wedding each year. You’ll be celebrating your anniversary or marriage age so to speak. This is how Mr. Fiance (FI) wanted to think about it at least.

At first, I thought it would be fun to have our be married and always celebrate our anniversary on New Years Eve. FI even has an uncle and aunt who did that and he always talked about it being the best of times. So of course I thought that would be a winner. We’re both academics. We always get a long winter break. It’s the perfect time for a vacation. But oh no. FI wouldn’t even give the idea the time of day. He just despised the idea of celebrating our anniversary in the cold winter.

So our next biggest break is summer break. Future In Laws (FILs) requested we not get married in June because they would be celebrating their 30 year anniversary. FI and I teach in July. So then there was August. We knew we wanted to be married in San Diego. I already have an academic conference where I am a co-chair on the conference planning committee that will be held in San Diego. So it was done. We would be married the week after the conference to avoid needing to fly back and forth. August 21st, 2010. I looked it up on the internet to check out the lunar calendar. August 21st is also the most auspicious day of August 2010! Score! Not that it would change our minds, but it would help with the Parents. FI loves the idea of getting to celebrate in the summer time when the weather is always likely to be nice. Is it too practical? Does it lack sentiment and romance? Maybe that’s just how we roll… dorky academics who want to play in the sun.

What do you think? Did you pick your wedding/anniversary date out of sentiment or practicality?



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2 responses to “Picking your Anniversary

  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    Your story sounds so much like mine. I am so glad to hear that there are other “practical” pickers out there! FI and I have officially be celebrating our anniversary when we first began dating but this just happens to coincide with my birthday in September. So when thinking about our wedding day I wanted to avoid existing holidays/birthdays/etc so there would be any double celebrations. Also, which was SUPER important was school holidays. Since our wedding is going to be on the opposite coast than where we live I wanted to make sure it would be practical for all children/parent. I also wanted a date that would be in a good season. A time when we could go on vacation and do things outdoors with each other. I HATE winter on the East Coast and spring time is so finicky with all the rain here. So that left fall and summer. FI and I LOVE fall but we are so busy in October selling pumpkins at the farm. So summer it was meant to be. School doesn’t get out until late June, I have my UBER busy work season late June to mid-July so that left the end of July as THE EARLIEST we could get married. I love the way the sun sets in late summer, the warmth, the flowers, ample time to vacation through to August. It was set: July 31st!! A perfect time of year to celebrate.

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