Hello world!

Aw.. a fresh blog. Sometimes a girl has just got to start new. Here I am, starting my wedding blogging journey. It is not my first blog. I’m certain it will also not be my last. I have a habit of obsessing over whatever interests be at the moment. Can you guess where I am right now? …. drum roll please…. Weddings! Oh right, it’s a part of my blog title.

The start of a wedding blog generally indicates a couple things. (1) It is highly likely the individual is planning a wedding. (2) This blogger is also likely to have been obsessively reading a bazillion blogs. And (3) This blogger must feel that s/he is not getting everything s/he wants to see and hear in the blog-o-sphere.

……………. Check……………. Check…………. and Check………..!

Perhaps this is my way of proclaiming to the world that I am marrying the love of my life very soon. Perhaps this is a way of validating all the wedding decisions we (mostly I) have been making that go against the grain of what is “acceptable” or “traditional.” Perhaps I am simply in search of yet a new procrastination tool to keep me away from my academic endeavors.

As most things go, I’m certain it is a combination of these things I mention and a whole host of other reasons that remain unconscious. Whatever the reason may be, here I am. And here I go! Join me on this journey. It may end up being a train wreck or a joy ride, but it will certainly be a roller coaster.

You with me? Let’s get it started.

As an avid blog reader, I understand and will oblige the photo obsessed.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Yes, all you get is the back. After all, we have only just met! Slow your roll. 😉 This is one of my favorite pictures taken in Mui Ne, Vietnam a couple years ago right after sun rise by the Fiance.


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  1. Miss Cali Girl in NJ

    I can’t wait to hear about your journey through wedding bliss (or shall it be blizzard…?) As a bride-to-be, Wedding Bee Blogger, and all-around arts/crafts/party enthusiast I will be checking back often!!

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